Aluf Appliance Service Inc, Kings

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Aluf Appliance Service Inc

Brooklyn Company

Aluf Appliance Service Inc is a Certified Company registered as Domestic Business Corporation in New York state on 23-03-17 and it’s registered under DOS number 5107247 and . Aluf Appliance Service Inc located in Brooklyn and they are providing services all over Kings area. Contact Office Admin to get Latest Quote for their services and current Job openings to apply.


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    Completely unprofessional. Aluf had sent a service man to check out our dishwasher. We were told the parts would take a week. Two weeks later they still haven’t reached out so I decided to call, they didn’t even have the part ordered and it was very apparent they completely forgot and ordered it weeks later when I had followed up. The service man comes back to now put in the replacement part. He took a piece of our cabinet apart and didnt put it back together, he took the dishwasher out from the cabinetry and didnt put it back correctly (which will definitely result in me losing my security deposit if it is not fixed) and he left trash and a huge mess on our floor, and shut off the power to the dishwasher and never turned it back on, leaving us with no way for it to function. I mentioned this to someone named Mendy who claims to be the supervisor, right after it happened, and even sent him photos of the mess made and the cabinetry messed up. He said he’d get back to me. Two days pass and I’ve heard nothing so I call back again and Mendy is zero help and hangs up on me while I’m trying to speak to him regarding the situation. I call back and remind him how absoultely unacceptable the entire situation is and he tells me to call back in half an hour, I do and no one answers. He also refused to give me a number for the field manager or even connect him in on the call, the whole interation seemed shady. The service man should have came back immediately (as I realized these issues just minutes after he left.) yet its now been days and Aluf is still failing to fix the situation and be communicative. Absolutely unacceptable. The entirety of my experience wirh Aluf Appliances has been filled with a lack of care and communication and has been extremely unprofessional from their end. I would never recommend this company to anyone, save yourself the time and hassle and don’t go to Aluf.

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